lucky∞charms (sweetxweasley) wrote,

oh goodness! well this will be a busy entry.

okay. i really need a new icon, maybe animated, with mila kunis for my rp journal, _parvti_ people should join accio_rpg it's kickass.

anyway, moving along, moving along. i'll put the rest behind the cut because it's gettin cARAZY in heah!

i think that those are his sisters. but... *squeal* lookit him! just lookit! much love to jigglyfrog for postin it!

which song describes you the best?

i love this song!

the rest of this is mostly random things gacked from aiturnizzle and jigglyfrog

Which Kirsten Dunst Are You?
okee. kinda random... i've never seen it.

more later.

My personality is rated 30.
What is yours?

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