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hi e'vrybody!

ee! i found another movie to be obsessed with. romeo + juliet is an awesome movie, i love it to death. i swear, i'm going to marry baz luhrmann... moulin rouge AND romeo + juliet! the man's a saint! honestly... and don't say anything against leonardo dicaprio. yes, we all make fun of him but the man's a fuckin hottie. that was an incredibly valley-girlish thing to say. *goes into shame, then shrugs* ah well, the man is still hot. tasty. so, anyone who has ANYTHING R+J they'd like to share i'd greatly appreciate it! *hugggles*

i broke my promise today. i ate a big 'n' tasty at mcdonalds. i'm still a vegetarian... *looks around wildly and hides* no, really, i am!

THE FIFTH HARRY POTTER BOOK IS COMING OUT! HOLY FLIPPIN RON! hey... ron! taaaaasty times a million!

y'know what's weird... we got a phone call last night from my school, the whole automated thing that says you have an unexcused absence... it wasn't fun. i don't skip! grr. nobody believes me.

damn i need more lj friends. tell your friends to friend me! hee. love y'all!
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