lucky∞charms (sweetxweasley) wrote,


well... i think that my day went okay... heh. i followed the trend and got my elven/hobbit/orkan/etc name... here's the stuff.

Elven Name: Ringcúwen
Hobbit Lass name: Pearl Proudfoot from Longbottom
Dwarven name: Lór Tombmirth
Orkish name: Gâbbog the Maimer
becoming, isn't it? something to tell your future mother-in-law! ha ha.

get your names here!

well at any rate. i made a new, rather depressive desktop today due to the fact that i'm... still not on the best terms with my best friend. so, i put a bunch of friends' pictures on it, added some brushes and a lovely depressing phrase and my work of art was complete! ee!

i'm becoming quite addicted to tea. will now post some pictures.

rollied up sleeves! shexxi!
my tea! only the kind i'm drinking now is caffeine free. *pouts* silly parents. i don't sleep anyway!

naughty, naughty me. also ugly me. >eek<
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