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wow. i'm broken. [20 Jan 2003|08:41pm]
hee. it's a joke w/calvin.

i'll make you people graphics... loverly, loverly grrrrrraphics! :D

mm. rupert rox my sox

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[20 Jan 2003|06:45am]
oh goodness! well this will be a busy entry.

okay. i really need a new icon, maybe animated, with mila kunis for my rp journal, _parvti_ people should join accio_rpg it's kickass.

anyway, moving along, moving along. i'll put the rest behind the cut because it's gettin cARAZY in heah!
meep! cutest picture of rupert--->EVER!Collapse )
more later.

My personality is rated 30.
What is yours?

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hi e'vrybody! [17 Jan 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | peachy keen ]

ee! i found another movie to be obsessed with. romeo + juliet is an awesome movie, i love it to death. i swear, i'm going to marry baz luhrmann... moulin rouge AND romeo + juliet! the man's a saint! honestly... and don't say anything against leonardo dicaprio. yes, we all make fun of him but the man's a fuckin hottie. that was an incredibly valley-girlish thing to say. *goes into shame, then shrugs* ah well, the man is still hot. tasty. so, anyone who has ANYTHING R+J they'd like to share i'd greatly appreciate it! *hugggles*

i broke my promise today. i ate a big 'n' tasty at mcdonalds. i'm still a vegetarian... *looks around wildly and hides* no, really, i am!

THE FIFTH HARRY POTTER BOOK IS COMING OUT! HOLY FLIPPIN RON! hey... ron! taaaaasty times a million!

y'know what's weird... we got a phone call last night from my school, the whole automated thing that says you have an unexcused absence... it wasn't fun. i don't skip! grr. nobody believes me.

damn i need more lj friends. tell your friends to friend me! hee. love y'all!

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[15 Jan 2003|04:47pm]
*pouts and pulls a puppy dog face*

will you lovely friends find me some icons for my collection? please? i will make you a happy graphic or fan sign! :D

really, i will! promise! *crosses heart*


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wow. i went... all out today! [13 Jan 2003|08:07pm]
urg. school is not fun... or at least the learning part! :D

civics:me walks in... sits down. realizes that kyle is still mad at me and groans. ozzie pops in the classroom and i notice he's drugged up again. (perscription guys, don't worry), and ask him what's wrong. "headache" he grunts. hmm. it's time for ozzie's weekly pms-ing period (no pun intended). fergy (le teacher) starts talking about our big project, just for a "little while" and ends up talking the WHOLE HOUR!
english:meh. nothing. me and the graces practiced our scene for romeo and juliet. it's not funny, okay! i have to wear a fruffy pink dress!!! NO!
science: went fastly today. THAT IS GOOD.
i'll skip lunch... same old same old. calvin steals my powerade, only to get his own. robbie actually sat with us today... and... lizzie was being okay i think...
math: well.. boring, talked with lydia n chris, had some *ahem* interesting convos with ian and abby (sexually related, as always >_<)
spanish got my oral over with finally... yes! then, we {erin and grace and me} spent the rest of the hour taking shexxi pictures of us and the hats. what hats, you ask? THEEEEEEE HATS! not going to post some pics right now... too long to upload on the... oh, hell, i'll upload one. but it'll be a big one... i'm not going to resize it.
two scary pictures... beware--->Collapse )

so anyway. i heart icons. everyone needs to find me an icon. that is the new assignment for you all, okay? *begs and pouts* find me some fun icons? i'll make you a siiiiiign! hehh. check my interests to see what kind... DISNEY kicks major ass. :D

must... watch... disney channel...

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whee! [12 Jan 2003|09:45pm]
well... i think that my day went okay... heh. i followed the trend and got my elven/hobbit/orkan/etc name... here's the stuff.

Elven Name: Ringcúwen
Hobbit Lass name: Pearl Proudfoot from Longbottom
Dwarven name: Lór Tombmirth
Orkish name: Gâbbog the Maimer
becoming, isn't it? something to tell your future mother-in-law! ha ha.

get your names here!

well at any rate. i made a new, rather depressive desktop today due to the fact that i'm... still not on the best terms with my best friend. so, i put a bunch of friends' pictures on it, added some brushes and a lovely depressing phrase and my work of art was complete! ee!

i'm becoming quite addicted to tea. will now post some pictures.
tea, rupert, and the like--->Collapse )

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hobbitses, hobbitses, la la la la la [12 Jan 2003|06:11pm]
wow. too much fun.

okay, i really have no idea what to write in my lj. people need to comment and tell me what to post, pictures, graphics, etc. i need a healthy lj life! heh. so comment... i know i have random friends out there!


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hehehe. wee. [28 Dec 2002|02:59pm]
Yay! Party like rockstars… your icons are here!
play that funky musicCollapse )

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weeeee! [27 Dec 2002|08:54pm]
[ mood | tired. a lot. ]

Oh my goodness. Wellp, people, here are MORE icons. Party down.
nwa-look NOW!Collapse )

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oh. boy. [27 Dec 2002|01:07pm]
well, my request for requests was certainly explosive! he he he. i had tonsssss of fun making these, so take a looksie! and, i guess i'm still taking requests! preferably harry potter related, but, really, anything i will do!
i will be going out soon, so i don't have time to write who all they are for. i've already given them their icons, so please don't steal! request! :)

loooooooksie!Collapse )

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icons! [26 Dec 2002|03:05pm]
i made a few icons, and... if you like them, you're definetely welcome to take them, credit is always nice! :)



Check out 3 more...Collapse )
i will take requests! actually- i'm dying for them!!!!! anytttthing!

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ehehehe. yum. [23 Dec 2002|11:54am]
[ mood | happy-go-lucky ]

eye candy!

man i love rupert. he's mine, all mine!

"so now you really better check yourself
messing with my man is bad for your health."

rupert candiesCollapse )

(cha cha now y'all!)

ahhh yes. [23 Dec 2002|11:41am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

okay, well, i'm finally making my first post, and... yeah. yes, i do have a deadjournal, , but i had always wanted a lj first and... magically, now i have one! yay! unfortunately for you, my dj is friends only. he he he he. i'm evil, and i know it. *laughs evilly*

and, also, i have a harry potter rpg in dj, too. i love harry potter. to death. only thing i love more than harry potter is...

Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley. mmm-mmm. *glomps*

right then. that's all for now.

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