lucky∞charms (sweetxweasley) wrote,

wow. i went... all out today!

urg. school is not fun... or at least the learning part! :D

civics:me walks in... sits down. realizes that kyle is still mad at me and groans. ozzie pops in the classroom and i notice he's drugged up again. (perscription guys, don't worry), and ask him what's wrong. "headache" he grunts. hmm. it's time for ozzie's weekly pms-ing period (no pun intended). fergy (le teacher) starts talking about our big project, just for a "little while" and ends up talking the WHOLE HOUR!
english:meh. nothing. me and the graces practiced our scene for romeo and juliet. it's not funny, okay! i have to wear a fruffy pink dress!!! NO!
science: went fastly today. THAT IS GOOD.
i'll skip lunch... same old same old. calvin steals my powerade, only to get his own. robbie actually sat with us today... and... lizzie was being okay i think...
math: well.. boring, talked with lydia n chris, had some *ahem* interesting convos with ian and abby (sexually related, as always >_<)
spanish got my oral over with finally... yes! then, we {erin and grace and me} spent the rest of the hour taking shexxi pictures of us and the hats. what hats, you ask? THEEEEEEE HATS! not going to post some pics right now... too long to upload on the... oh, hell, i'll upload one. but it'll be a big one... i'm not going to resize it.

there's erin. she's one baaddy.

me 'n' erin. scary, huh? those are the damn hats! AWESOME SHIT RIGHT THERE!

anyways. sorry they're so big. photoshop takes forever to open and i'm not going to right now. sowwy.

so anyway. i heart icons. everyone needs to find me an icon. that is the new assignment for you all, okay? *begs and pouts* find me some fun icons? i'll make you a siiiiiign! hehh. check my interests to see what kind... DISNEY kicks major ass. :D

must... watch... disney channel...
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